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Local man made 578 big-small mistakes in year of 2017: Local report

07, Jan 2018 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Pune: In yearly round up, local area man has committed 578 mistakes, as early report suggests. Our reporter got access to this man’s diary which categorically contained the mistakes he made and contact numbers of hotels providing free delivery of food.

The said man also has confirmed the story and told our reporter, “Yes, those are my 2017 mistakes. Big-small mistakes. In 2016, I had made 601 mistakes. I suppose that’s a win.”

"Too much mistakes I made!"
“Too many mistakes I made!”

The 29 years old man furthered in documentary-style tone, “Now that you have got proof, let me admit that I made those mistakes. Some were small. Some were big. I made BIG mistake like putting Italian sizzling in black-paper bottle. My whole family was misled by my giant kitchen mistake. Some of my 2017 mistakes were petty and small like forgetting to call an ambulance for my ill neighbour when he had somehow requested me to do so. Overall I have improved a lot both spiritually and non-spiritually.”

The man also seemed hopeful for new year 2018. He continued to our reporter,” I think if I make around 500 mistakes this year, I would be a clear winner. Of course I am trying to reflect on list of my 2017 mistakes. I have asked my brother to read my mistakes hoping that he doesn’t make any of my mistakes.”

The young man revealed that he is tracking his mistakes since last four years. He smiled saying,” Yes I have four mistakes’ diaries. 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 mistakes diary. Those are like my history books. I haven’t reflected on all of those diaries yet, due to my busy schedule but I definitely would.”

The young man also said that he has made three mistakes in first two days of 2018.