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Lord Ganesha unhappy over playing Bhajans at his Pandal

22, Sep 2015 By Crab boy Mends

Bangalore. Gundipalya (Place famous for road full of potholes. Gundi=Pothles), 2 hrs (10 Kms) from Majestic Bus Stop, Bengaluru is back in news. This time not for its road

Ganeshji's Makeover given by his devotees for his Birthday (Ganesh Chaturthi)
Ganeshji’s Makeover given by his devotees for his Birthday (Ganesh Chaturthi)

s though. Yo Yo Ganesha (as named by “Sarvajanika Ganesha Samithi” of this place) has put this place in lime light all over again.

In this festive season of Ganesha Chathurthi we’ve come across many creative Ganesha idols. Ganesha carrying Shiva Lingam (Bahubali Style), Ganesha in shorts doing Salamba Sirsasana (legs-up-head-down Asana; Uppi 2 style) & Ganesha with selfie stick (Flaunt my iPhone style) to name a few. Stuck up in Bangalore traffic, our Faking News correspondent Grumpy Patel (one who is always Grumpy about traffic) came across bunch of people dancing for party songs in front of Ganesha idol early morning just after the sunrise.

Talking to our correspondent, Kattappa Swamy (who has played a major role in collecting funds for Ganesha by not letting a single person pass Gundipalya without donating some amount) said, “Inauspicious things happened when Ganesha was placed in Pandal & Bhajans were played. This thing continued until one early morning, an auto rickshaw playing loud Yo Yo Honey Singh song passed by the Pandal. Immediately Sarvajanika Ganesha Samithi meeting was called and Bhajans were strictly prohibited at this Pandal”.

Since then people have been dancing for various party songs in front of Ganesha idol instead of doing pooja. Pappu a 3rd Standard boy is said to have secured top place in his class after dancing in front of idol for whole 3 hours. Another IT Engineer, Codeeshwar Kandhaswamy, claimed “My leaving got approved by my manger after i danced for Lungi Dance song last evening here at this place”.

Famous Jasmine (Chameli) Flower vendor of this area, Padma (now called as Chikini Chameli) told our reporter Grumpy Patel, that her Jasmine Sales has shoot up 100% after she danced for Chikini Chameli song here in front of this idol.

The Sarvajanika Ganesha Samithi is planning to organize a live Yo Yo Honey Singh performance to seek more blessings from lord Ganesha for the prosperity Gundipalya so that more IT proffessionals rent an appartment in this area & make it prosperous.

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s new song ‘Dheere Dheere Se’ has been a hit here since then.