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When Mahatma Gandhi got up from his Samadhi on his birth anniversary

12, Oct 2018 By jayprakash s. chauhan

India recently celebrated 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The day of 2nd October 1969.  The whole world remembers his ideas, philosophy of his life, ethics & his experiments on truth. In fact,this day is celebrated as International day of non-violence. However, the western world is deeply studying his philosophy of life. They are the real admirer of his life. Anyhow, they have the great respect for him.

But, few of the Indian people abuse him. It’s because they are ignorant. The people of Pakistan also abuse him. They say, he was Hindu leader. Because, these people have not dived into the life of Gandhi. Really, he was not in favor of two nation theory.  The Indian people accepts an idea or a fact only when it is accepted by the west. Therefore, it seems that the Indians are now trying to accept his philosophy.

Mahatma Gandhi gets up from his Samadhi.

Mahatma accompanies his friend, Anna Hazare. Says, Anna, you are my friend. However, I wish to see my India.

The Indian Parliament.

All members of Lok – Sabha are celebrating. They are happy. Bapu inquires, why are they celebrating? Anna says, Bapu, thirty percent of the members are having criminal background. Some, yet to be prosecuted. The Supreme Court denies to make any law regarding this. Thus, the court ask them to make such law themselves. Therefore, they are happy with the verdict. Besides that, Bapu, 80 percent of them are rich persons & enjoying the luxurious.

Anna adds. At the time of elections, there is horse trading. There is no morality & ideology. They change the party every now & than. For money & for the post.Of course, sometimes votes are en-cashed.

Few of the leaders may be doing well. Only, few have the moral values. They are less in numbers.

The most remarkable verdict of the court.

Bapu, a great decision by the court. The Supreme Court judge say, there is nothing wrong in extra marital affair or relationships.Illegal relationships are now legal!

Mahatma’s Reaction.

Gandhi is now angry. He is furious. What about our culture? Our society? What about our reach heritage? Thus,he runs towards his Samadhi. Says, Anna do something, if you can. I do not want to stay here.

Anna cannot decide anything. Because, there are number of problems. Where to start. Someone may once again make use Anna to become a political leader.