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Maids pulling wool over spouses' eyes plainly

18, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: “No, you said of arriving at 10.30 am and you are coming at 11 am. But today you have crossed all the limits of unpunctuality. On the day before yesterday, you remained absent”, told the housewife to the maid-servant. But she was pawning at the pane excitedly. She looked in cautiously, trying to see what was in the not-so-small room of the house on the second floor of the older building. A thought suddenly struck her. To pacify the enraged housewife, she pretended of her little boy’s illness. How could it be when you brought him on the day before yesterday? Her endless lies have no end. It was not the first time the maid was warned on her late coming. The housewife continued to remind her. The housewife never thought of her trickery. When the daft maid settled on salary, the housewife did not decline a bit. Now it appeared to her only wage remained maid’s main concern as she was not sticking to punctuality and honesty. Infuriating with this manner of the maid, another pert-nosed housewife gave her the boot at once. Still, another woman fired her for the same unusual attitude. Despite all these blows the maid did not stop telling concocted stories to justify her absence from everyday work. A little more than this, her habit of shirking from needed performance also irked the housewives. She even suggested one housewife complete work on your own if a delay occurred. What is your efficacy if I should complete? housewife questioned. How has an unlettered simple-looking maid-servant dodged? They also compel the wiser wives tap; hip-hop and ballet on their fingers with their special tune. Their wagging tongues befall as sarcastically as the prick’s perforation.

Housewives hire them in accordance with their requirement. Later on, they begin to pull the wool over their eyes. These clever domestic maids overwhelm the housewives by their simpler ways of conversation. With a superb juggler’s duplicity, the maids axe their own grinds with a very tactical methodology. Whether they are not punctual to the chosen daily works, they know how to extract full wages from the housewives. However, the maids cannot discipline themselves. When the maids did not change their attitude, the housewives cannot tolerate their proclivity. No distress can be as appalling for the housewives as the reality of being deceived by these wise housemaids. And no freak or deformity can be as amusing as the simple truth of having two legs and two hands for earning the livelihood on the trembling foundation of deception. Howsoever, humble, slow and dotty their personality appears, they always calculate the daintier housewives’ minds at the very first conversation. Sometimes, housewives are overheard saying that it is they who are their masters. The meaning of ‘Bai’ unexpectedly gets changed here.