Wednesday, 26th June, 2019

"Male Mannequin in dress shop is more handsome than I", says local young man

17, Dec 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Pune: Local man has realised that the male mannequin, put in dress shop, is more handsome than himself. 26 years old youth had this cosmic revelation few days back, as he told our reporter today.

He sorrowfully revealed to our reporter, “Thing is, I live nearby a dress shop. It is ready made dress shop for men. It has all kinds of apparels with huge variety of premium brands like Arrow, Levi’s and that famous jeans company. But I was always bothered by that shop, very near to my house. Few days back I understood the reason, it was definitely that handsome male mannequin.”

Look at this handsome!
“Look at him. He’s trolling me!”

He continued in an explanatory tone, “I was really unconsciously upset by that handsome man put right at the entrance of shop. He has this perfect body. He gets to wear all kind of clothes of variety of brands. Sometimes he is confidently shirtless.

He doesn’t care about anyone or anything. He is owner of those six packs and those untouchable curly hair. I was being jealous of him all this time. I just realised that and accepted that.”

Our reporter continued to hear this man’s story, as he continued, “I think the shop owners should not put him at entrance. That mannequin man makes me loathe myself. How can I become him? I shall never be enough and like him. Alas I cannot do anything about his presence in the shop. I accepted this fact to myself. I just hate that perfect piece of manly mannequin. I hope he doesn’t have a name.”

Meanwhile the mannequin lobbyists have condemned the remarks by this, clearly self-loathing, man. The mannequin lobbyist said in a tweet, “This is absurd. No mannequin intends to hurt anyone either physically or mentally. All of male and female mannequins will continue to do the perfect job as they always do”.