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Man arrested for Jihadi like recce near malls turns out to be a sheep

08, Dec 2015 By khakshar

New Delhi. A middle aged man was arrested by Delhi Police on Saturday. The police said that the man was seemingly performing a recce at different malls. He had to be taken into custody as there are inputs from IB of LeT attackers in Delhi. However it seems that Delhi Police is learning fast from the proximity of Governments of Delhi and India about U- Turns . The Police sheepishly released the sheepish man by Sunday.

Don't let your imagination run wild
Don’t let your imagination run wild

Considering the matter of national security, the Faking News was prompt to deploy yours truly @khakshar to investigate the story. It unfolded quickly that the man was middle ranking official in a MNC. What was not clear that what that man was doing at nooks and corners of many malls. He was also captured by CCTV cameras as taking photos by his mobile camera. The police was tight lipped as unusual with not even the head constable moving his upper jaw.

The correspondent managed to meet the suspect himself. The man had a swollen face with many bruises. When asked about atrocities by police, he replied in negative. He too didn’t open his mouth on the pretext of swollen jaws. His wife was livid, cross and seemed fuming with anger and genuinely so at the promptness of police.

The suspect’s neighbor spilled the beans. The neighbor told us that both he and the man in question were members of “Shopping Dauran Pidit Purush Sangh”. He said that the suspect shivered at the name of taking his wife for shopping at mall. Like most husbands, the suspect had to wait for eternity while the wife shopped. He also desisted being made a scapegoat for buying things which his wife suspected were no good. She would ask him while buying those goods and as usual expect an affirmative reply to give him a peace of her mind when the item did not prove to be worth enough. To add to woes our suspect in question was in habit of smoking, narrated the neighbor. Our man in question had a daughter who took care of her mother’s shopping needs. When the young lady shifted to another city for higher education, the onus of accompanying the wife for marketing fell on our reluctant man.

The situation led to do a recce for places near the where he could not be traced, where he could enjoy a puff and where the mobile signal was weak.

As for the swollen and bruised face, the reader’s imagination may not be even taxed.