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Man escapes being Brozoned on Raksha Bandhan day by claiming he is a Targaryen

18, Aug 2016 By manithan

Mumbai: A Forever Alone guy who had always been made a Bhaiyya on Raksha Bandhan day has successfully escaped being Brozoned this year by declaring himself a Targaryen.

Happy ex-bros have now praised RRMartin and GoT makers for giving them peace after a long time. Meanwhile, some girls were still persistent of tying Rakhi, claiming themselves as Cersei.
Be  a Targaryen, nobody wants them as a brother!

Rajat Kapoor, aged 28, is a software engineer by day and by night too. Working in Support, he did not think of getting married or even taking bath many days. “I made several efforts to get a girlfriend. Swiped Right all girls and even some trannies in Tinder and TrulyMadly. Liked comments of single girls in Facebook pages. Posted confessions in our company Confessions FB page. But, it seems, the girls are missing an awesome boyfriend like me.”, beamed Rajat when we caught him outside his company.

Taking a puff from his cigarette, he continued, “These girls in my office, phew, they do not want me as their boyfriend. But, they want me as their BhaiFriend. It is a combination of Friend and Bhaiyya. Dangerous combo. I will be the friend who hears their whims about their boyfriends and will be their Bhai when they want to protect themselves from disgruntled ‘ex’ after their breakup. So, all these years, the girls who would be invisible to my eyes during February 14 would be showing themselves up around my cubicle on Raksha Bandhan day. I will be having around 50 rakhis tied on my wrist that single day.”

Tossing the burnt cigarette onto the wet ground, Rajat looked up at us and grinned, “But this year, I have adopted a new method. As of now, I have turned away… no no.. made 25 girls run away from me. Guess how? I declared myself as Targaryen. And you know what a Targaryen brother does to sister? Hahaha!”.

After stopping his villainous laugh, he continued, “So this morning, these girls came with Rakhi to me shouting ‘Rajat Bhaiyaaaa‘. I stopped them and said, ‘Stay there babes! I’m not Rajat Kapoor anymore. Call me Rajat Targaryen. And I am sure you all had watched Game of Thrones. What does a Targaryen brother do to his sister? He marries them. So, who wants to tie that Rakhi to me now?’. Within five seconds, all the girls ran away shrieking and throwing away the rakhis on the ground. Now I feel bad for not using this strategy for the past years.”

Many Bhaiyyas from Rajat’s office has started copying his strategy. Many had even changed their official surname to Targaryen or Lannister to escape from rakhi attacks on Raksha Bandhan day.