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Man gets patriotic on a normal day

07, Aug 2016 By abhinav

Mumbai. An unusual incidence took place in country’s financial capital today. A man was found playing Desh Bhakti songs on a normal day. This is quite uncommon as we Indians become most patriotic or Desh Bhakt only on two days in an entire year.

Mr Chironjilalji informed us about the incidence. He stays in Ghosla co-op society, Dombivali. It was a usual morning for Chironjilalji. He was enjoying a deep sleep and having a time of his life (in his dreams). He got the best employee award for this quarter by his company. He was able to achieve his year end targets. A quite happy moment for Chironjilalji as he works in insurance field!

Achieving 100% target in this sector these days is equivalent to getting 100% fair using a fairness cream. But this beautiful dream of him broke by a loud noise of songs played by Mr Desh Bhakt Kumar. He heard songs like mere Desh Ki Dharti, Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo etc played loudly. Totally confused he ran towards the calendar to check if it is 15th Aug or 26 Jan. Next he went to switch on the tv and check if any channel is playing Tiranga or any similar type of patriotic movie. To his utter disappointment, neither the calendar nor the TV showed any signs of 15th Aug or 26th Jan.

Chironjilalji than decided to confront Desh Bhakt Kumar and know the reason of him getting so patriotic. Well according to D.B. Kumar, he is just doing his routine stuff like checking of speakers and sound system. Since 15th Aug is near, he gets the contract to play music in a local flag hoisting ceremony. Mr Kumar is a DJ Wala (people lovingly call him DJ Wale Babu) and this year its a welcome change for him, as he is getting a chance to play something meaningful other than his regular Bhojpuri or English (which he can’t even understand) songs. As per latest updates, ‘Mantriji’ (selected to hoist the flag) has gone on a foreign study tour (of course on our money) and the 15th Aug flag hoisting program is cancelled.

Desh Bhakt Kumar hence lost the chance to use his DJ to play patriotic songs leaving a hope in his heart to perform on 26th Jan.