Man spends all his savings into buying life insurances, left with no choice but to die

21, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

Saving money is difficult! Agree or not, the internet has bombarded us with offers, discounts, promotions and Artificial Intelligence is now taking over the real world. Our behavior and sentiments are always tracked to induce the undying buying attitude within all of us. Everyone is selling an emotion and deep down that emotion points out to fear. The fear of missing out!

Advertising experts are always on the hunt of captivating their readers mind with things that urges them to hit on click and buy.

Seeing his debit bills!
Seeing his debit bills!

This 45-year-old mortal human recently met a sales guy from a hefty insurance company who lured him to buy a policy which secures everything in future except the present.

Just after signing the policy, his phone started beeping with debits that almost gave him a heart attack but he kept calm looking at the insurances. He wanted to live with the money and not to die for it and so he called on the helpline number provided to cancel his insurances a week later.

After holding for 25 days on the call, He got to know about lock-in in period he has to serve before cancelling any policy.

Deeply depressed he went to dig his own grave. Made a death certificate using artificial intelligence and claimed for the return from nominee’s email address.

The money arrived and he just turned 92 almost about to die.