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Man Walks Free After Slaughtering Cow Roaming Alone Late at Night

12, Mar 2015 By Gulshan kishor

Pune: In a judgment that has left the public shocked and baffled, a man in Maharashtra was let off by the city court after slaughtering a cow allegedly roaming alone in the streets late at night.

Since the incident took place just days after the ban on the slaughter of cows, bulls and buffaloes became effective in the state, the acquittal raised a lot of uncomfortable questions for the judiciary.

In defense of the judgment, the judge who presided over the trial had this to say: “This was one of the rare cases where we were facing a huge dilemma as the person under trial had acted under the obligation of Indian cultural values which prohibits any female species from roaming alone in the streets late at night. At last, we decided a cow was a small sacrifice for upholding Indian moral values.”

The person convicted of the crime said he wouldn’t have slaughtered the cow if she had been accompanied by a bull. “It was hard for me but I needed to teach her a lesson. It’s against our culture. A cow belongs at her stable. She was inviting trouble and she got it. I will do anything to prevent our cows from falling prey to western culture.”

Animal rights activists are demanding justice for the slain cow insisting that the cow be given a proper funeral and not be used to produce beef.

Postmortem reports suggested the cow was not milked at the time of her death. Many people believe it meant the cow was cheating on her master and planning to elope with her bull-friend.

The owner of the cow refused to comment on the situation but his neighbors believe he’s deeply ashamed of the unacceptable behavior of his beloved cow and thinks she deserved to die.

The government has announced a compensation of 50 litres of milk for the family of the deceased cow.