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Manager installs CCTV at Employee's home after Work from Home request

06, Feb 2019 By AdityaSachan

Mr. Sasta Ghulam’s company Dinosys allows him for 8 days of ‘work from home’ as an option for work flexibility. But it has always been a challenge to avail the ‘Work from Home’ for him and many other co-workers.

Yes, I have been suffering from health issues and hence thought to take ‘work from home’ so I can work without travelling to office. But that upsets my manager a lot. He always doubts me and thinks I will not work. Though I always finished work on time, my manager feels unsatisfied.

Save your A** from me, if you can!
Save your A** from me, if you can!

‘I love my employees and I want to see them. I love see their faces full with surprise (read:blank with question) when I tell my amazing ideas and to see their faces filled with gratitude (read: shocked with frustration) when I take credit of team’s work myself. How can I do it, if they work from home?’, commented Manager.

‘Yes, we are aware of such problems and though we have the policy of ‘Work from Home’, managers have not been very enthusiastic to allow their employees for it. Hence with my amazing intelligence, I have launched new HR initiative for employees – Passionate Employees in Technology Sector(PETS). Now with PETS initiative we will install CCTV camera at our employees home, and whenever they take ‘Work from Home’, their manager can simply watch them work from home on their laptop through CCTV cameras. Isn’t it wonderful?’, commented Mr. Policywala, Senior HR of Dinosys.

While employees seem unsure if PETS will infringe their Right to Privacy, many questioned the existence of something like that. As of now, employees are more eager to get ‘Work from Home’ and Mr. Policywala, Senior HR is busy on promoting the new initiative with new hashtag #IamPETS among employees.