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With so many experts on social media, CAs finding it difficult to show their importance over Budget discussions

05, Feb 2018 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. Just as the Republic Day and Independence Day lead to surge in the number of occasional patriots, similarly the Budget and Economic Survey of India have the tendency to draw a pool of financial experts who have opinion on each minute detail of the words spoken by the Honorable Finance Minister during the Budget Speech.

Though it’s good for the country as a whole, as it has so many experts for single point of discussion which reflects the collective intellectual power of the society, yet one section is finding it difficult to mark the impression of their existence i.e. the CAs.

Earlier, with the monopoly over all the financial discussions, CAs used to cater the heavy demands from general public for the explanation and analysis of any of the financial announcements made by the government. It gave them the sense of accomplishment as they were the only ones, with limited in number, who could ease the pain set in by different FMs in different budgetary announcements.

But now, due to easier and fast access to information, the public at large themselves are having expert advice over budgets.

Some of them are even calling CAs to share their views on budget and get themselves corrected before sharing them with their friends and relatives.

The social media is full of long posts about budget. Everyone is pretending himself nothing less than an expert, which is causing the pain to CAs who used to be the premier budgetary analysts once upon a time.