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We meant demon chasing, not demon etization, says government

06, Sep 2017 By MrIndia

The ruling party of world’s largest demon-cracy has come out with the perfect explanation. Its spokesman Arun Jaitley said “we wanted to get rid of demons and we went chasing them. The media made a typo and printed it as demon-etization.”

The announcement from the Tax minister was soon followed by the law minister. Ravi Shankar Prasad went further “our country has many demons. Peyi, Bootham, Pisasu, satan, Katteri, Rattha Katteri, billi, soonyam, ghost, kaadhal pisasu, Mohini, Kolli vayi pisasu, kutti satan, kuralai peyi, muni, Vedalam (betaal), kaatthu, karuppu”.

image of kutti pisasu

Home minister Rajnath said “I’d like to add Mamata Bannerjee to that list of pisasus”.

TN chief minister Edapadi “I think it is safe to say Sasikala is a pisasu and Dinakaran is a peyi”.

BJP MP Amit Shah screamed “All cabinet demons will be reshuffled on sunday!”

Niti Aayog vice-chairman Rajiv Kumar said “demons caused the failure of demonetization. The karuppu changed into white!”.

UIDAI chairman said “all ghosts must enrol for aadhaar card by december 31st, for identification and surveillance”. IT Department set a final deadline of September 30th for the taxpayers to link pisasus and peyis, failing which no tax refund was possible.

Bihar Water resources minister Lalan Singh asserted that ghost rats from Nepal are causing floods in Bihar. Apparently the same rats drank off all seized alcohol in the police custody before they died and became ghosts.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said “the haze on the city roads is caused by too many BJP ghosts wearing semi-transparent white dress.”

Meanwhile, American satan Donald Trump promised to get rid of the Maoist devil Kim Jong-Un  in North Korea even if it means waging a war.

PM Narendra Modi said “I am at once heading to China for meeting and hugging signing trade agreements with the communist kutti satan!”