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Meat: How animals see severity

15, Apr 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: People are changing their habit for the food. They are fast turning towards eating only vegetarian foods. This sudden change has taken place just like demonetization move. The difference is that people are not protesting over the paucity of red or white meats in the market. They are actually buying vegetables in the summer season. On the whole, the zoo animals are affected owing to the scarcity. The lioness has avoided chicken in order to show its comparatively sufficient fondness for the red meat. If the man avoids vegetarian foods it is not dreadful matter. But if the zoo animals demonstrate full aversion from the white meat loaves, it becomes a big cause of concern. Day after day their abhorrence for white meat has been increasing.

But then, the animals were provided with good meat, how would have they coped? No more red meat! Oh yes, they could rally in their zoo surroundings and talk about non-availability of the required quantity. Still, these wild animals behind the den were substituted for all those happy meals. But they could only dream of the succulent, red meat to enjoy the departed taste. Short supplies of the meat protein to the zoo animals are more displeasing than the human consumption. As the lioness has rejected consuming white meat it was construed as a factual crisis.

However, the animals are still unfazed at the leaders’ way. This recent posturing has stirred up a specific discussion among zoo animals. They are categorically discouraged and dispirited by the diet conditions. By and large, the politicians have been stating of natural affection for them. They are very much into finding out optional courses. They can’t tolerate any kind of laxity in this regard. Our politicians’ care gets reflected from Akhilesh Yadav’s concerns about the peacocks and more than this, our present-day Chief Minister is also a great lover of the pet animals.

Struggle lingers between the red meat and white meat as the zoo animals were deeply annoyed with the fresh white flesh menu. Some denied consuming mutton and chicken while several others savoured the kind of meat they were not served earlier. The lioness remained too infuriated and worried with this kind of odd meat. She preferred to remain inside the area earmarked as its homely residence. With the fresh directives issued to the slaughter-houses, the problem of red meat has arisen in the past weeks. A man can easily fathom the intricacies but how can the animals perceive the clarity?

When the animals are continuously failing to grasp the scope of the order, these are supposed to be in open revolt by denouncing the white meat bowl. In absence of the traditional red meat, the zoo animals have given undivided, negative response in regard to the tasteless diet. However, the UP Forest minister had promised to provide the red meat to the zoos from the legal slaughterhouses. The man and the animal require approving foods to survive naturally. If it is not available, there comes problematic situation for both the living creatures on this planet. The zoo animals are nowadays facing unpleasant situation because of the hitch on the normal meat supply.

As we very clearly know of some shortage in supply of the red meat these days, the zoo animals are made to consume the white meat. At the Allen Forest Zoo, there were as many as 70 carnivores but their plight is quite shocking for the authorities concerned. In the wake of the rising temperature day by day, the zoo carnivores are desperately losing lumps of the red meat to consume interestingly. Ever since the buffalo meat supply to the zoo animals has been decreased, they are forced to eat mutton and chicken pieces in order to extinguish their profound hunger.