Monday, 9th December, 2019

Media catches Virat Kohli (Cheeku) eating Chole Bhature behind the bat, dietitian angry AF!

21, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

The sensation of Indian Cricket, The man to rely on every fucking game, The Passionate Delhi boy who changes the game every time he comes out to bat.

The Brown Colored Ripped Cheeku who peels of every bowl-er easy peesy has been lately caught in an unathletical crime by our cameraman.

Kohli's explanation!
Kohli’s explanation!

Spending a long weekend at home, he went off for jogging early morning as per the schedule. While passing through the lanes and the broken window panes, his nose met the long forgotten smell of Chole Bhature.

He imagined popping those lovely fat bhaturas with a finger and then nailing every bite of it with green chutney served along with fresh cut onions and pickles.

All his dietary limits crossed the boundaries with hot flying Bhaturas on his plate but he stood there like a man till the end.

The Bhatura maker was delighted seeing the legend come back to his eating form again and asked for a selfie.

In these viral times, the selfie got famous and so does the Bhatura place.

But our Cheeku was cut to pieces and received a full swinging torcher from the dietician and a ban from Indian Cuisine.

He will have to leave the country if he is found doing the same ever again.