Saturday, 19th January, 2019

Mire of filths detracts gods even

14, Aug 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Where is the cleanliness that was promised to us through the sanitation campaign launched in rural and urban parts of our country? Passing through any wide road or dingy lane in the city areas we easily find badly smelling drains, putrefied garbage and defiled spots. Are only VIP areas deserving cleaning? When every resident pays tax to the municipal authorities, there remains an expectation of cleanliness in every Ward.

Unfortunately, the sweepers never turn up to mop either the road or cleaning the stuffed drains. This is a very common feature of our crowded cities where the local bodies are said to be spending a lot of amount on the cleanliness drive.

Oddly enough, the authorities concerned are busy in doing tendered works leaving aside the verve of sanitization to the background. It was Gandhiji who had said cleanliness was next to godliness. But the tragedy is that there was not a single sight of his instruction.

Seventy years have passed since the transfer of power but the insanitation continued to be increasingly taking a horrific shape in the form of pollution. Though the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a campaign in this regard, there was no marked change in the worse situation.

What we did come to realise was that our politicians hold a broom in their hand and mop the unsoiled garbage which showed only their unconcern towards the soiled surroundings. Do we not get rid of the unhygienic condition?

The roads remain unclean. No mop up is done these days. When a VIP happens to visit one particular locality or area that part secures Municipal Corporation’s full attention. When dirtiness enhances, the stray animals are sure to come on the open spaces particularly on roads for spoiling the spots. It is becoming a big nuisance for the road users.