Wednesday, 21st August, 2019

Modi & Rahul run for politics

22, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Confident and proud Modiji was repeatedly criticising Rahul Gandhi for his impromptu bear hug and wink in his speeches after the no-confidence motion result. While the Congress leader was busy in reviewing his no-confidence debate. That was a test for their political prospects.

Even if there was not a faint match between Narendra Modi’s political sagacity and Rahul Gandhi’s political awareness, they were everywhere identical rival counterparts in the country’s political realm. Politics revolves around their statements and character.

Despite all the peculiarities and intricacies, their leadership holds sway over the people’s minds. If the BJP leader has not a bit tired of his active political life, the Congress president finds no apparent challenge amid the saffron party’s continued discouragement.

His political career was all the more rising for touching the ultimate goal. In that instant the specific essentials of when did not matter much; when it is a matter of reliability, the detailed facts do not regularly matter as much as necessary.

He is Pappu of politics before the giant of politics. His political standing seemed like Pakistan’s politician Imran Khan who was moving ahead to attain some political prestige in ensuing days as analysts stress adding that he moves ahead on accomplishing his desired goal.

Politics has been turning towards a different direction. If the BJP has the persuasive wisdom of hearing from its parent organisation Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh, the Congress leader has the direct support of his national party. It works on its senior leaders’ opinions completely.

Modi is cleverly driving every political party’s leaders mad and crazy through his enormous political strength. His party’s win in the confidence vote between the round sturdy walls of the round-shaped artisanal parliament remained tremendous. The formalities suddenly collapsed before the opposition due to the saffron party’s direct control and supremacy.