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Me too movement- It's virus spreads as fire in the forest

19, Nov 2018 By jayprakash s. chauhan

There is a jungle. The virus of “Me Too” has spread in the jungle as the fire spreads in the forest. The king of the jungle, lion is under tension.

The king of the jungle is discussing the issue with the ministers in the Raj Darbar. All the ministers are present in the Darbar. The minister for the environment, the Motu monkey, the health minister big Bablu elephant, the labor & employment in-charge the Don donkey, the cultural minister peacock and all ministers are present in the meeting.010718.op_.dnt_.covertoon

Suddenly a female monkey enters into the meeting. In fact, she is beautiful & good looking. Now, she starts crying. She says, sir it is injustice. Totally injustice. Twenty years ago, your minister Motu monkey harassed me. He called me at his office at night and I can’t tell you what he did to me. Sexual harassment, sir. It’s true. Because, I have the evidence. So, please give me justice.

The lion is now upset. He ask his minister. You too, Motu? Is it right? Tell me the truth. But, Motu do not speak even a single word. The lion is now angry. Thus, Motu says, it’s wrong. It’s an allegation. I am innocent.

The lion is serious. It’s a question of the prestige of the government. Therefore, he ask Motu to resign. Thus, the lion is giving the case to CBI for investigation.

Government messenger, the pigeon goes to the CBI office to submit the case.

The CBI office

The CBI officers are divided into groups. They are fighting & howling with each other. Fighting to solve their personal & political differences. Therefore, they deny to accept the case.

Therefore, the messenger informs the king. There is nothing like CBI office. They are fighting. No one does any work.

Finally, the lion handover the case to the Supreme Court. Then, he leaves for the visit of Far East forest areas for meeting.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is well known for decisions.Therefore, either they gives dates, new dates & again new dates. Sometimes, controversial decisions are given. The judge says, gentle animals, everything is fair in love & war. All relations are legal.

But, this is the case of allegation & sexual harassment. Therefore, we shall look into the matter. Thus, the court announces a new date of hearing.

The next day

Number of females with applications & shouting me too, me too, gathers in the court compound.