Mumbai University to include Photography and Photoshop training in syllabus of final year engineering.

11, Mar 2017 By Swan

The fate of entire IT industry and to some extent the Indian economy’s depends on the Trump government’s decision on H1 B visa. However the educational varsities across the country are gearing up to face the uncertainty, the leading among them is Mumbai University.

"Any engineer photographer must know to repair camera, if not mixer grinder" , says college dean
“Any engineer photographer must know to repair camera, if not mixer grinder” , says college dean

The Chancellor of Mumbai University while speaking to media said, “We had been thinking about changes in our syllabus lately when we found that most of our engineering students were attending more weddings as photographers than attending lectures.With the H1B visa restrictions, we are expecting more engineers taking up photography, hence we have decided to include Photography and Photoshop training in our syllabus. Considering the fact that even Uber drivers earn more than engineers, we thought that engineering graduates should be equipped with alternate skills to support their job. We want to maintain the value of engineers in job and marriage market alike”.

He further added, “Since the current batch won’t be having the new courses in their syllabus, we are planning to distribute camera’s and original Photoshop software to all the students who are yet to find a job or yet to start writing cheap romantic novels. After all Photographer with an engineering degree is always better than an actual Photographer. Engineering colleges should be the place where students should identify what they actually are interested in, to be a photographer, an Uber Driver, a novelist or just a plain engineer.”

Many youngsters have lately following the herd and taking up photography and stand up comedy as their hobby, to look cool and impress girls have cheered the decision from MU. Twitterati’s have already started hashtag #MU_me_le and tagged their budding engineer photographers.