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Mumbai weather trolls 'Aam' Mumbaikar

12, Jan 2017 By abhinav

Mumbai. Last few days have been severe for a common Mumbaikar as he would have never expected such low temperatures. This change in season has confused them a lot. A city known for its pleasant weather is today giving a fight to its biggest competitor: Delhi. This is also a tight slap on those people who used to mock Mumbai as a city with only 2 weathers, summer and rain. This temperature drop has come as a hard blow to those critics who use to continuously rant about ‘Asli Thand Toh Bas Hamari Dilli Mein Padti Hai.’

Mr. Natkhatla's wife Jamunia
Mr. Natkhatla’s wife Jamunia in hwer winter fashion

We decided to visit few locations in Mumbai and ask citizens how they are feeling about this change. Natkhatlal, a new resident of Hatke Co.Op. Society in Dombivali and a native of Bihar seems to be ecstatic. This weather has definitely reminded him of the harsh Northern winters, though not at that scale. He is very happy to take out his winter clothes and flaunt it in style. His wife Jamunia and children Mukku and Sukku too are very happy. Jamunia now can wear her purple sweater which she bought from Ulhasnagar last year. Children are excited to wear sweaters in school. However, other residents doesn’t seem to be that happy as they never bought winter wear, being in Mumbai. Now they are confused weather to buy one or not as Mumbai weather can cheat them any time and their hard earned money would be wasted.

On the other we also saw some bullet owners in Mumbai happy with this weather. As we all know, its mandatory for every bullet owner in this country to have one trip to Laddhak or it might bring bad luck to them. We talked to many owners who were very tense before, as due to their hectic schedules, it was tough for them to plan a trip. They had bought fully accessorised bullets but they were used only to carry office bag and a lunch box. This weather gave them a chance to imagine as if they were in Ladakh (although without snow and not so low temperatures). John snow from bandra has planned to visit Khandala this weekend. Low temperatures and riding on mountains will definitely quench his thirst of visiting the snow clad mountains of north.