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NASA found Earth 2.0 is already encroached by Robber Wadra

26, Jun 2017 By Shrikant Singh

Vadra City, Earth 2.0: Around two years ago NASA found out a new planet which resembles Earth, known as Earth 2.0 or Kepler 452b. But, shocking to everyone who was planning for a space trip or to settle there. In a Kepler space satellite image of Earth 2.0, some notice boards are captured which says “Do not trespass, trespasser will be prosecuted” and “This land is a part of Rajiv Gandhi Damad Vikas Yojna (RGDVY) and trespasser will be prosecuted as per Italian law”. “It seems, a guy named Robber Wadra has already encroached that area”, says a NASA official.

Now we know where Rahul Gandhi gets vanished
Now we know where Rahul Gandhi gets vanished

Meanwhile, Raju Gandhi claims that Earth 2.0 is their ancestral property and he visits there place very often. His Italy wali nani used to live there. He also runs Alien Women Empowerment campaign on that site. Also, he told the reporter that they have purchased an entire galaxy from the earning from the interest of their Swiss bank account. He even shared some day-to-day routine which people on Earth 2.0 follows like “In mornings they woke up at night“.

NASA hopes that the newly found planets, after Kepler 452b, do not come under Rajiv Gandhi Damad Vikas Yojna. Not only NASA, even Space X is hoping that the areas on Mars are already not encroached in name of some Italian Indian Yojna. Elon Musk has asked his top management in Space X to study about this Yojna and any possible deal they can make with Mr Robber.

Some countries are being jealous of this Indian Yojna. In an interview with Faking News reporter, they told, “We are struggling to encroach the land even in our neighbouring country after so much effort from our army. And some people have encroached the whole planet. This is something we should learn from Mr Robber“.