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Nationalists become a Minority in India – Latest Survey Data

07, Jan 2018 By burabandar

Delhi. According to a survey conducted jointly by Republic TV & Nationalist Against Secularist & Liberty (NASAL) organization, for the 1st time in 70 years since independence, the number of Nationalists in the country has gone below the number of Anti-nationals. The survey was conducted purely the observation & interpretation of Republic TV honcho aRnab Goswami & NASAL founder Sambit Patra. If any resemblance to truth is found, it is merely a coincidence.

This as Republic’s mouthpiece aRnab thundered last night at 9, “This is alarming! It started with a bunch of Jokers returning awards, some 3,000 condom wielding boozers at JNU, 44 MPs from Congress and has now spread to everyone who has an opinion! Let me tell you, this is my Republic & the opinions can never become matter. Only the noise is a force!”

"We need patriots like him"
“We need patriots like him”

NASAL secretory & ONGC Board member Shri Sambit Patra nasaled on the show, “Some Dalits have taken the cause of becoming anti-nationals by commemorating 200yrs of a Dalit victory over ruthless but nationalists Peshwa Brahmins! How intolerant! Is this what Modiji will be happy about. Let me tell you aRnab, we will get this straight or get them straight. & you know it all, if the latter happens, it will be an unfortunate incident.”

Some Findings from the Report:

The report states that 33% of people who voted for Modiwave in 2014 are the only nationalists left whereas the rest have taken to anti-national causes like asking for,

Dalit Rights – 13%

OBC Rights – 13%

Farmer Rights – 15%

Minority Rights – 14%

Student Rights – 5%

Love Rights – 4.99%

Free Press Rights – 2%

Love Jihad Rights – 0.005%

Rights of Constituition – 0.005%

The Indian Right is not amused by such directionless Rights & want nothing of them to be Left!

Note: For fear of being categorized as presstitutes & hence labeled anti-nationals, this publication has not voiced the opinion (again that sham) of the majoritarian anti-India Indians!