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Nawaz Sharif seeks Indian citizenship after Panama Papers verdict

28, Jul 2017 By glaximusmaximus

New Delhi: Following Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification from the office by Pakistan’s Supreme Court, the ousted Prime Minister of Pakistan has expressed his desire to seek Indian citizenship.

In light of the disqualification made due to the accusation of corruption over his name in Panama Papers, Nawaz Sharif seems to be wasting no time in putting all efforts in exiting Pakistan and embarking in his new political journey by joining Indian politics.

Nawaz Sharif feeling safe
Nawaz Sharif feeling safe

A representative from his party, in condition of anonymity, has confirmed the news stating that Mr. Sharif has stepped down due to the Panama Papers verdict but he is undeterred and  contemplating ‘all means to keep his political stint running’ which also includes  joining Indian politics.

He further stated that Mr. Sharif has been studying the state of affairs of Corrupt Inc. in India such as Vyapam, Bofors, Modi Gate, Chikki case and not to forget the Indian leg of Panama Papers. Considering that those who are allegedly involved in these scams are still roaming scot-free Mr. Sharif feels that being a part of this brethren in India could help him establish a career in the field of corruption.

Mr. Chandra Narayan a prominent political analyst has quoted ‘ Had Nawaz Sharif decided to join Indian politics before Modi era, he could have tried his hands in Congress considering the list of their party members involved in corruption. However he still has a chance and could join hands with the next best option, which is BJP as they are quite forgiving in welcoming and befriending politicians who once abused them for their political ideology’

He further stated ‘Nawaz Sharif could further be lost for choices in choosing the right party with RJD as one of the options as Lalu Prasad Yadav as a champion of fodder scam.’

Mr. Sharif’s political supporters nonetheless hope that his failure to stay in power due to the verdict will not repeat  India should he get Indian citizenship and they further hope that he can bring electoral success as he cannot run for office in Pakistan.

Some of the media representatives have even speculated that once he successfully gets Indian citizenship he may join Nitish Kumar’s party Janata Dal(United) considering how he has specialized in U-Turn activity which may come in handy for Mr.  Nawaz