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The new education policy: A step towards world class universities

01, Oct 2018 By jayprakash s. chauhan

From reliable sources – New Delhi.

The HRD minister, Prakash Javadekar announces a new education policy for Higher Education.  This policy will improve the higher education. Moreover, It will  also make our universities world class.

The salient features of the new policy includes:our-education-system-for-a-fair-selection-everybody-has-to-10897829

The college teachers  should not waste their time doing research. In fact, there is no need of such research.( Compare with Oxford Uni.!)

The teachers must encourage the students to participate in other activities.Therefore,they should take maximum interest in various Mahostav. Such as Navratri-GARBA, Ganesh Mahotsav, Durga puja etc.Therefore, we should declare holidays in these days.

This policy also focuses on online education. Private universities & self-finance colleges are also encouraged.However,in few years,  government is going to convert all institutions into private sector.

The appointment of vice-chancellor.

The chief minister will monitor the appointment of vice chancellors.

.The students and teachers.

They must remain present as an audience in functions. Whenever needs be. Because, this will show strength of the political party.

Most of the politicians & the ministers run their own self-finance colleges. But, they do not have prestigious degrees. There is already a provision for such an Institute. This is known as “Smruti Irani Institute of Doctorates”. Thus, it awards degrees to these needy people. Only in six or seven days time. In addition, We are starting more such short term courses. These will award B.A., B.Com. Etc.

In addition,the minister finally says. “No student should fail in any of the examination. It is the duty of the teachers to see it”.

The teachers and the students who were present in the function gives a big applaud.They all welcome the reforms.

The consequences of the policy.

News paper reports says, candidates having the degree of Ph.D. & M.E. are applying for the post of clerks and peons.The problem of unemployment is increasing day by day.(Skill lacking!)