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New improved aadhaar card to include caste barcode

15, Sep 2017 By MrIndia

NewDelhi, Sep.9, 2017: The central government has ordered that all new aadhaar cards shall carry a caste barcode. Apparently the government is upset that a Yadav woman daily wage worker lied that she was a Brahmin for a task worth Rs.300. The victim has filed FIR with police. Modi Sircar said, “To prevent such deception all aAadhaar cards will carry a caste barcode and also an extended numbering system to include all 65,000 castes and 1.4 million subcastes. That way nobody can tell a lie about the caste. We don’t want a non-Brahmin Purohit to tell mantra during a marriage!”.

The barcode number will go as follows:

All brahmin cards will start with 000. If you are a saivite, it will expand into 000-000. If you are a vaishnavite, it will expand into 000-111. IF you are a son of saivite father and vaishnavite mother, it will be 000-010. Then the grandkid of cross-caste will carry the further extensions like 000-010-000-111.

aadhaar naama

Law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad warned that “everyone must re-link their new improvised Aadhaar to bank accounts, pan cards, and mobile phones or else!”

Tax minister Arun Jaitley said “this will definitely double the free tax money we get from the useful idiots citizens.”

New GST chairman Pandey said “there will be a new caste reference service tax of 48% on all caste related ceremonies”.

Challenger to TN CM, Dinakaran claimed “they jailed Sasikala because she is a brahmin! I demand they parole her daily!”

On learning Modi is not a brahmin, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav twisted “he acts like a brahmin. This is even more serious than lying about caste. Somebody file an FIR.”

BJP MP Amit Shah said “Mamata Bannerjee seems like a brahmin pisasu. She is not allowing RSS meetings in Bengal.”

PMO office spokesman declared “casteism will go away once everyone has a 4G mobile phone and an extended aadhaar card with 398 digit numbers. Elementary education not required!”