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New Year, New Laws- Part 2

16, Jan 2018 By alien4dec

New Delhi: Last series was all about newly implemented laws which made excitement in the public domain. Today we present the concluding part of the remaining laws. Join us as we look at the biggest news story which made headlines in world media.


1.Mukesh Ambani’s new business launch in Dec was a santa’s gift for the middle class and lower class, since he ventured in to real estate with the scheme of “Buy Parking Space and get a Flat Free”and soon became a law in the real estate sector making parking space more expensive than residential or commercial.

2.As per the new noise pollution control act, “One Child”policy was introduced, so that lesser infants cry at night and all can have a peaceful sleep to face the monday blues in office.

3. Bollywood introduced the MTC – “Movie Theatre Card” where by now movie buffs can watch12 films or theatre show a year and get one show free annually. Govt. lashed out even the entertainment tax stating we have enough circus and comedy shows in politics to entertain public.

4. Shahsi Tharoor’s English Dictionary has remained in the top slot in the world’s bestseller books list since it was published. It has broken all records of even Fifty Shades of Grey to Harry Potter. Students have even purchased it for their CAT exams whereas scholars from Oxford and Cambridge were the first to buy them via Amazon.

Govt has now introduced a new law where by without passing the English language exams based on the syllabus of Tharoors English dictionary, none of the politicians in India can contest any elections.

5. Last and the most exciting law which made cyclone in the corporate sector was about employees Aadhaar card to be linked to the official photocopier and printing machines to understand the paper consumption per employees who are seen using it for personal reasons more than the official work.

A direct tax shall be implied depending upon the consumption levels to encourage green revolution. Whereby as part of mandatory CSR activity, each employee to plant one tree on his birthday and anniversary to contribute towards a green planet.

We only hope these laws brings more joys and less melancholies to all.