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New Year, New Laws - Part One

15, Jan 2018 By alien4dec

New Delhi: It’s new year and with the new year come new plans, new friends, new resolutions but in India came a whole host of new legislation, much of it introduced through 2017 but not due to go into effect until the beginning of this new-year.

As we welcome 2018, faking news reporter Arihan complied the top 10 Indian laws which made headlines in world media. Join us as we look at the biggest news stories in two parts:


1.Social-Sin Tax: Aadhaar card linking to all the real and fake ids on various social media sites is mandatory as per the new IT laws.

Sub clauses delineates, an individual having various social media accounts including the fake and anonymous accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites are also been subjected to much higher taxes.

As per the new system, now more the number of likes of Facebook, RT (ReTweets) on Twitter and societal popularity on social media accounts of the individual, more the tax liabilities.

This is to help discourage people from spending more time online which affects their health, career and family lives. The government shall use this tax collections to build new toilets, schools, supply electricity, potable water and provide medical help in remote villages.

2. Menu list of wedding reception function to be linked with the wedding invitation cards, so that accordingly guests can decide their availability for the function. Take away counters also to be introduced for those foodie guests who want to take the food and beverages to their home, post enjoying the same at the reception.

3. LTA: Leave Travel Allowance now includes two international trips – one with wife and another with the girlfriend. Employees can now also claim exemptions on all the expenses borne during the LTA tour such as food – beverages, sight-seeing, shopping, duty free liquors and tobacco expenses.

4. Pan India, Pink colour painted driving roads are been introduced with the intention for, “Reservation only for Ladies”so that they can enjoy driving at a tortoise speed, do makeups, gossips, show right signal while take a left turn and enjoy their feminist rights.

Green corridors which are also termed as VVIP (Very Very Important Path) have become a huge success where by only emergency services such as police, ambulances or fire-extinguishers vehicles are allowed to travel on these roads which can help in saving lives during traumas.

5. Airlines sector is also not left out from the new regulations. Gender wise seating arrangements in flights have been introduced to avoid any new molestation cases against men by the feminist women of India, since already Indian judiciary are over burden with pending molestation cases against men and lack of new advocates and judges.

Our next series captures few more interesting laws implemented in this new year. Do watch out this section for some more excitements.