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No Engineering degree without a Goa plan and Startup idea, says HRD ministry

20, Jun 2016 By bumbegum

Your failed Goa plan will fetch you a degree.
Your failed Goa plan will fetch you a degree.

Delhi: On Monday, HRD ministry passed an order to all engineering colleges in India to award degrees to only those students who have indulged in making Goa plans and discussing Startup ideas at least once in their engineering years.

The students will be expected to submit reports which would include the time and location of the discussion of Goa plans, including the names of students involved in the plan and the obvious reason for the failure of the plan. The other report will consist of the startup idea and the details of the founders and financial plan.

The students who will fail to submit these reports won’t be awarded their degree. These reports will become a very crucial part of the curriculum for the engineering students.

Tanmay, a final year student said, “Honestly this is a cake walk. I can narrate at least 10 failed Goa plans right now to you. And at least 2 to 3 startup ideas. Though making a report would be another stupid part of our engineering life but we’re pretty used to writing pointless assignments so it’s not a huge change for us. This is just an added assignment and not a challenge for us. No big deal!”

HRD ministry said that this change has been introduced because these two things have become a usual part of student’s life and must be incorporated in their education system to make students connect more to their studies. The ministry believes that not even a single percent of students would fail to submit these reports and the change will be successful.

This reason has been mocked a lot on the social media by young students. The students seem extremely confident and casual with respect to this new challenge for them.