North Korea tests nuclear missiles in the name of New Year Fireworks last night; Trump unbothered

07, Jan 2018 By sameer mahawar

Pyongyang. North Korea has ended its 2017 on a consistent note by yet again testing two nuclear missiles which the world supposed them to be Fireworks.

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Kim Jong Un speaking to The Kancha Times

Showing his cunningness and stubbornness, Kim Jong Un made the most of the opportunity for testing inter-continental ballistic missiles when the entire world was busy celebrating the New Year Eve.

“The world was engaged in firecrackers while we blew two missiles in the name of fireworks. Our spies would have believed it to be the casual Fireworks of the evening, but in reality they could be the reason for US and its allies doomsday” quoted state controlled newspaper ‘The Kancha Times’.

High on covfefe, the American President didn’t bother to sense the gravity of the news and was completely engrossed in shopping for his beloved wife saying that UN maybe less harsher on N Korea but your wife won’t be less harsher on you if you miss buying things for her in the discount period.