All is not comic in motley skills!

29, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Like the Father of English Literature, Geoffrey Chaucer, that creative mind saw everything comic in men’s motley skills. Whoever does not want to be humorous in his conversation? But it is not achievable without the natural wit of that superficial kind. We could perceive this very reality with wide appearances of the stand-up comedians. They present everything in a very sagacious and sensible way.  No topic remains unapproachable from their stylish humour. The comedians find comedic in every human actions and conversation.

That old man leaves no opportunity in representing every matter in an entertaining way. He is wise enough to mould adverse points in his favour by this quality. He never accepts another’s blames on his personality but shows readiness in disapproving his acquaintance traits in seconds. His habits are never liked by others known to him. However, he does seldom mind it. He always explores chances of his advantage and emerges successful too. His double standard conversation can be understood by this exceptionally clear fact that he took over one flat along with a spacious office in dowry for his son. Whilst he did not stop condemning others for securing benefits from in-laws.

Every person remains under scanner on his invented radar. Those who know him very well do not hesitate in exposing him instantly. That’s why he is often found escaping from their direct gaze. His temperament hardly ever suits his social contacts. He seems fortunate in nurturing one loyal disciple for himself. Although the disciple is nowhere a fool yet certain compulsion restricts him to be furious at him. It is said that his father-in-law assisted him monetarily but this truth as maintained by his relatives is forever and a day kept aside by him. His witty nature is supposed to be covering his some weaknesses from time to time.