Tuesday, 25th February, 2020

Not Nano Chip, but Bitcoin hidden inside every Rs 2000 note

17, Dec 2017 By Prateek Shah

Delhi, December 10, 2017: In a big disclosure the Govt today announced that inside every 2000 Rs note, there is a bitcoin hidden which people can encash and get rich.2000 note

Roughly the amount that can be generated by an individual by encashing this Bitcoin will be 15 Lakh INR, the exact amount promised by the PM to every Indian. RBI has released steps to uncork the value – Hold the note in your hand, tear it from the center, find the bitcoin.

Speaking on the occassion, Bambit Khakhra said “Ram ji has gifted this country with the biggest hidden wealth formula by secretly hiding Bitcoin inside currency notes. Even Poorit Patel wasn’t aware of this development.” Rabish Kumar has said “Dil Bagh Bagh ho gaya”. Khajdeep Sardesai has taken a break from work to go look through stashes at home. Vijay Mallya wants to come back to India to check his notes while Lalit Modi is in talks with Government for safe return.

Crypto enthusiasts are happy with the news, since Bitcoin has now crossed 100,000 $ for per bitcoin.