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Now Supreme Court to give final verdict on Big Boss winner

16, Jan 2018 By Pankaj Gaur

After having overhauled the proceedings of lower and upper house of the parliament on multiple instances over the years, now the Supreme Court will also be reviewing the proceedings of Big Boss’s house. The decision comes after a myriad of confusing and meaningless events within the house have led to mayhem among the viewers in the actual world outside the house.

"Oh well, I am Supreme Court - Friendly!", Salman Khan
“Oh well, I am Supreme Court – Friendly!”, Salman Khan

The audience of the show, already judged as insane for watching it, is going berserk as they try to absorb and draw conclusions out of the random nonsensical events taking place. Such is the madness that people have to watch multiple repeat telecasts of the show to absorb all that transpires (understanding things is unanimously understood to be beyond the scope of show). The show is already threatening CID’s record telecast time.

Under such unpredictable circumstances, the entire irrational community involved with the show feels that it will be impossible to finally choose a democratic winner. Even Amit Shah backed out of the task citing fatigue. Therefore the show organizers have concluded that only the highest justice institution can provide fair decision. However Salman bhai is reported to be furious at this development. He declared himself the sole “master of rooster” and that his word regarding Big Boss shall be binding upon everyone. He is reported to have said that he will be challenging this decision in High Court, obviously oblivious to the judicial hierarchy. Later it was cleared that the statement was actually given by his driver. Salman Bhai had actually used the term “highest court”.

Some people have pointed out that it may increase the burden on apex body of justice. However considering the time its employees spend on the show and that this way the decision will come much quicker, it might actually increase the overall efficiency.