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"Odd dates for boys, even dates for girls in our college": TN engineering colleges reveal new rules

03, Jan 2016 By geesundar

Chennai. Taking a cue from the Odd Even rule which is currently in place in Delhi, the rule which has been declared a success merely one hour after its implementation, prominent engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu have extended the rule to boys and girls in their colleges.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Keppiar, the founder of Keppiar Institutions, stated, “Our institution is well known for student discipline that we inculcate. Boys and girls talking to each other is the biggest form of pollution in this country. Seeing Kejriwal Ji handle air pollution through Odd Even rule, we are confident this rule will reduce this form of pollution as well. With this rule, we will make sure Boys and Girls do not even know each other’s names and ensure no kind of Facebook stalking happens as well”.

The new rules of Keppiar Institutions will be effective from 14th February, 2016. The salient points of the rules include:

1. Boys to attend colleges on odd dates and girls on even dates. Boys and girls are not allowed to go on dates with each other. Sunday is a holiday. 2. However boys and girls are allowed to attend college on Raksha Bandhan, to promote feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood among students. 3. Founder, Lecturers and Staff are exempt from the Odd Even Rule 4. All violators will be fined Rs. 10,000 and Amma stickers will be pasted on their backs.

Parents across the state have already given their consent to the Odd Even rule. It remains to be seen how students react to this controversial Odd Even Rule.