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OLA share, carrying agitated passengers, found over-speeding; breaks the record of India’s first high speed train launched in September

21, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

All the breaks went lose last evening when Bhagwan Singh rushed his wheels to set his name in limca book of records. Thanks to the crazy stupid algorithm by OLA cabs and customer frustration, he made his way to cross the speed limits set by the fastest train released this September by Modi SirCar.

A passenger sitting in the cab for last 17 hours started yelling at the driver for not dropping him home. Each and every time a new person booked a cab, the driver turned his way.

Agitated passenger, angry driver
Agitated passenger, angry driver

After lots of requests, driver speeded up so that he could drop this innocent traveler but the app was too harsh with him.

In the rush of dropping this guy to his destination, Bhagwan Singh drank a sip from his bottle and the rest was history.

These are the words of the passenger who witnessed this ride.

“The ground started shaking heavily, the car felt like the chariot of god Shiva, the wind finally started moving in our direction as his phone’s battery died and we escaped the immortal torture of Ola Share.”

Whereas Bhagwan Singh behaved very down to Earth in our interview

“Sirji, hum toh car chalane aate hai. Hum toh sabko ghar pahuchana chahte hai time pe. Ye app jo batati hai hum karte hai. Hum pareshan hai bohot, hamara bohot pesa fasa hua hai. Aap dilwa dijiye media ke through. Hum apke bohot aabhari honge.

Do you think Bhagwan Singh would ever be able to get his money back from the almighty Gods sitting behind the black screen?