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Overwhelming demand forces HRD ministry to consider establishing Institutes of Faking

11, Jun 2015 By notapplicablenobody

The HRD Ministry had quietly launched 3 year Bachelors and 2 year Masters degree courses in “Faking” last year, after a leading management consulting firm the Government had engaged to scope out “high potential” courses had recommended tremendous potential in the curious and complex discipline of “Faking”.

The Ministry had decided to go with a contrarian philosophy of keeping it a low-key pilot, so that the success could suddenly create a big bang. Clearly, folks at the Ministry were not prepared for the gigantic bang!

Smriti Irani refused to comment on the development
Smriti Irani refused to comment on the development

Word of mouth led to extensive lobbying by the powerful (politicians and bureaucrats), wealthy (businessmen), beautiful (actors and actresses) and the mighty (ministers from centre and state, rogue leaders, clan leaders and the like) in India to admit their progeny into the course. Everyone saw such huge potential in mastering the nuanced art of faking that they were willing to pay up to ten times the required fee.

This has led the HRD Ministry to consider setting up premier Indian Institutes of Faking in Delhi and Mumbai to start with and follow up with two more centres in Kolkata and Hyderabad at a later date. The Ministry is very busy screening CVs for faculty and administration in these institutes.

They need to genuinely establish the credentials of the applicant in faking, and after reading so many cover letters, going through real and fake transcripts, officers in the Ministry are having a crisis of delusion – there are simply unable to differentiate between the genuine and the fake. The fear is that this state may spread to other ministries, and the Government is considering engaging with friendly neighbors and international experts in the art of faking to guide them through the challenging phase.

We are hopeful that this crisis will be soon resolved and so, we will have an army of real, genuine fakes in the country – politicians and actors won’t be the only people to possess that valuable trait.