Pakistan to build National Terrorists Memorial

28, Feb 2019 By jonivestal

Hours after India unleashed the sequel to it’s 2016 super hit SURGICAL STRIKE in Pakistan, the Pakistani cabinet along with the heads of its terrorist group alomg with other stakeholders including the omni present cricketer turned politician turned puppet oops prime minister Imran Khan quickly got in an open door and not so secretive meeting to counter the hit SURGICAL STRIKE 2.

At the meeting however the point of discussion wasn’t how to retaliate to India’s SURGICAL STRIKE sequel but to quickly respond to the Indian prime minister’s inauguration of National War Memorial in India that took place a day earlier.

And the PM romanticizing the idea
And the PM romanticizing the idea

The Indians and Pakistanis woke up to hear the release of SURGICAL STRIKE 2 where it’s lead stars – the 12 Mirage 2000 fighter jets ably supported by it’s super IAF team broke terrorist box office record in Pakistan without any pre release hype or marketing.

And just a day earlier, the Indian prime minister had inaugurated the National War Memorial which the Pakistani think tanks felt had been instrumental for SURGICAL STRIKE 2 to become super hit in Pakistan.

Hence, the Pakistani cabinet and all its stakeholders including ISI (Inter Silly Intelligence) felt the need to build a National Terrorist Memorial in Pakistan to boost the morale of its silly terrorists and at the same time hoping secretly to completely eliminate it’s already dwindling numbers.

Meanwhile China the illegimate mother of a spoilt and stubborn Pakistan and who time and again had protected her ‘don’t from the worldly gang (read UNSC), refused to comment on the situation. For her, her khalanayak beta could do no wrong and as always supported the plan to build the Terrorists Memorial. Cause China has now realised that the release of SURGICAL STRIKE 3 will be eminent otherwise. Because the poor mother understands pretty well that “Baap baap hota hai aur beta beta.”

But Pakistan secretly  is hoping SURGICAL STRIKE 3 doesn’t take place because as of date, terrorists in Pakistan has become an endangered species and it’s needs to protect whatever is left of it.

But the world and India in general wants to know what exactly a confused Pakistan wants – nurture terrorists or eliminate it.

Speaking on the occasion, the UNSC spokesman on condition of anonymity said that Pakistan has put a formal request with the UNSC requesting them to provide security cover for its terrorists from SURGICAL STRIKES from across India while the Pakistanis indulge in ground breaking ceremony for the memorial to appease the terrorists.

Now over to India and it’s heroes – the IAF.