Thursday, 21st November, 2019

After Pakistan, US to charge airspace fee for Narendra Modi

20, Feb 2018 By sachu

Washington/New Delhi: After learning that  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been charged Rs 286000 for using Pakistani airspace for his international visits. US also decided to charge the same on Mr Modi.

“He visited US 5 times, among them 3 timeswithout any formal invitation. he uses the US airspace more than US president Mr Donald Trump does. So It is a good idea to charge the fee on Mr Modi. For 5 times visit, the airspace fee will be around 10% of our GDP”. An Official  spokesperson claimed to faking news.

After a few minutes China, France, Germany and Russia announced the same.

Russian President Mr Vladimir Putin in a tone of relaxation claimed that it will help Indians  to have their Prime Minister within India. ” I have seen this man more than my wife during my presidential times”, Mr Putin added.

Meanwhile Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley created an ad-hoc department to finance and deal with Modi’s airspace fee charge.

Many in the PMO claimed that this move is aimed at restricting Modi within India, so that Leaders of other countries can visit India. Chinese President Mr Xi Jinping  in an irritated tone replied, “I decided to visit India many times. but this man foreseen my calculations and came to china without any notification. so we decided to follow the Pakistani method so that this time I can go to India and offer him a hand shake without any serious emotions in my face”.

Reacting to this situation Pakistani PM Mr Shahid Abbasi said, “After the US stopped funding, we are desperate to find another way to get economic assistance. That time Jama ud Dawa Leader Hafeez Saed Bhai told us to fine Modi for Using our airspace which is the world’s most secured airspace, that even a housefly cannot enter without our permission. It was a great Idea. Everybody in the Defence Ministry and Finance Ministry agreed with him.”