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Parappana Agrahara Jail creates history.

17, Jul 2017 By shivaku

Parappana Agrahara jail was a jail as any other jail in India till last week. Now it will have permanent place in history. Till now, the Auschwitz prison was regarded as the most notorious jails in the history. That position is shaking for all together different reasons. One report by Ms. Roopa, DIG about routine things happening in Parappana Agrahara last week has stirred hornet’s nest. It has left general public amused and politicians Schizophrenic. It has led to utter confusion among political parties and most intriguing situation in the history.

Ms. Roopa has reported that a special kitchen is run for Shashikala, the disproportionate assets case convict from Tamil Nadu and a close aide of the previous chief minister of Tamil Nadu. The report also mentions that there are rumours that DGP has taken 2 crore bribe to provide special kitchen and other facilities. The DGP has denied that a special kitchen was run for Shshikala and also informed that he has not taken even a packet of biscuit as bribe.

The following confusion has creeped into people’s mind. Hitherto cash, gold, jewels, fodder, land etc., were given as bribes. This is the first time a biscuit packet has been dragged into controversy. The biscuit manufacturers are confused whether to use this controversy for advertising or not. A retired Professor of IIM, who has done extensive research on bribery and its impact on economy, has informed that he is utterly confused. He has informed that nobody will dare to bribe a top cop with biscuit packet. Could that be a gold biscuit? Could be couldn’t say for sure.

Shashikala belongs to AIDMK and her party has supported BJP in the past and they may continue to do so in future also. Moreover it is Karnataka government which has fought the bribery case. Accused in the report is top cop of his Government and if he is not supported, it will tarnish the image of government. Hence CM is confused and does not know what to do. There are reports that close aides of CM has suggested to declare that this is BJPs trick to tarnish the image of his Government. But Ms. Roopa is an upright officer and impartial and already earned the acronym as Lady Singham. Again confusion. A high level committee is formed to probe the allegations against DGP. The Committee is yet to start the probe as it has not been given oral instructions whether to give clean chit or not.

Opposition party in Karnataka has demanded that a disproportionate bribery case be filed against Shashikala and DGP. The Advocate General is confused as there are cases against disproportionate assets and not against disproportionate bribe.

In the meanwhile Shashikala has requested for one day parole to visit Late Jayalalitha’s grave as she wants to take one more oath to finish off Ms. Roopa.

Amit Shah is one man closely observing Shashikala since two years. Wherever Shashikala goes she splits the group. First she was responsible for splitting AIADMK and now inmates of Parappana Agrahara Jail. In both the places she has managed to get majority. There are rumours that shah is planning to use her talent to further spilt the already splitting Maha Gat Bandhan.

Majority of prisoners of Parappana Agrahara are supporting Shashikala and they booed Ms. Roopa when she visited Jail and attacked a supporter of Ms. Roopa. This has raised the morale of the AIDMK and their Members of Parliament have met Election Commission with an appeal to declare prisons in Karnataka as a separate constituency. If their request is considered their party can easily win a seat in Karnataka from jail constituency. On this backdrop Shri. Murugan, a district level AIDMK member was caught carrying Rs 10 Crores cash in Delhi with an intention to bribe EC to declare jails in Karnataka a separate constituency.

As per the latest news Shashikala is receiving tremendous support from inmates of other jails in Karnataka and Chief Ministers of other states are a worried lot that this wave may reach their jails as well  and as a precautionary measure they are making all efforts to block any news pertaining to Shashikala reaching their jail inmates. Any visitor who wants to meet a prisoner has to follow the dress code of civilians, who are escaping from ISIS, in Mosul, Iraq.