Parents allow children to chase their dreams after Board Results

01, May 2019 By Ms. Buch

India: In a bizarre trend following the recent Board Results, parents are heard giving enough freedom, space to their children on choosing career.

We interviewed bunch of parents outside one of the top-notch schools. They were sounding pretty cool even under the scorching April sun.

Example of not letting your children opt for their passion
Example of not letting your children opt for their passion

Here is what Mr. Srivastava had to say, “I am very much delighted by my son’s outstanding results. It’s up to him to decide which career he wants to choose. He can choose anything – Doctor/Engineer/Security Guard. I decided to give him all the freedom. This will save my hard earned money which otherwise I will have to spend on his elite degree.”

We found this father quite selfish. Which parent will think of saving money over children’s education, unless he is from Vibrant state of India?! But soon Mr. Srivastava cleared our misconceptions.

He added, “Look at Mr. Sharma, our neighbour who had been flaunting his children’s rank all the while. He has spent hell of money on his elder daughter’s education in medical science. All he got to see is a Chowkidar daughter on some random social media sites.”

Mrs. Srivastava supporting her husband emotionally said, “As a parent, it hurts a lot when you spend all your efforts and money to educate your children just to see them grow up as Chowkidars.”

Board results are out for some states and there is a sense of disappointment amongst parents that their children too will be identifying themselves as Chowkidars on random social media sites.

On the other hand BJP was found claiming rise in employment in Security Sector and attributed education fee saving of 15 lacs as fulfilment of promise made in 2014.