Monday, 26th August, 2019

Parents show no value to P T M

20, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

‘Parents think of the parent-teacher meeting (P T M) carelessly’, said the class teacher. This off-hand comment keeps the careful parents on edge. It was quite mind-numbing to discover about the teacher totally losing her cool over the obedient students. They did not imagine of such observation. But whatever was asserted was enough for them to feel bitter about the teacher who put her logical points before the class students. What she actually wanted to let the students know of their parents’ attitude towards the school meet up.

When the parents were approached to respond in regard to the intervallic meeting, they frankly said that this arrangement was forever lawful, awful and bearable. We come to know of our wards’ progress and weakness. It was really great that one class teacher keeps comprehensive information of so many students of the class. We respect the teacher and accept her grudge.

Generally, the parents fail to register their presence at the PTM owing to their sickness or busy schedules. Otherwise, they do not intend to leave the meet in any case. Whatever the teacher tells about their wards they attentively listen.  In a way, they turn out to be like the students on that particular day. They also try to reach the school within the prescribed time. They know it very well if they would be late at the school, it will be a kind of analysis for the teacher.

All the confusion developed amid low attendance of the parents in the last meeting prior to the final examination of the current academic year. The actual number of the absentee parents was not known but the teacher’s anger was a proof enough to understand the parents’ non-attendance on that exceptional day. The only thing true remains are the feelings, emotions, thoughts and reactions.