Tuesday, 12th November, 2019

Paucity of Khidkis in the times of Windows

22, Nov 2016 By Sumana Khan

Mere saamne wali khidki mein ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai….

I was enjoying this number in the morning today, and a office ka call on my mobile phone…ooppss…the smart phone, interrupted.

After disconnecting the call, I suddenly started thinking of how way back in the late 90s or early 2ks or may be till before 5-7 years, khidki was one of the most essential windows for the lovers to get a glance of each other. Or, may be that quintessential balcony or the terrace which was a window to so many love stories. This also includes the khidki of that school bus from which the ek jhalak of that chap or chick would give us enough goose-bumps to think of pehla nasha pehla khumaar..

In fact, in a quest to get that ek jhalak, we would constantly stare through the khidki near our desk, to that basketball playground, where he/she came to play in the Games wala period.

I mean whatever the case may be, we, the children of 90s have seen and felt it enough to fathom the song:“ghar se nikalte hi kuch durr chalte hi…raste mein hai uska ghar…. kal subah dekha toh…khidki pe aayi nazar”…..

It is undeniable that amongst others, khidki has seen its times.However, the smartphones,the tabs and other such means have all of a sudden snatched the respect of the khidki which has played such an phenomenal role in flourishing so many love stories.

Paving the memory lane, I remember how a friend from college was proposed on a Valentine’s Day by her then beau through their respective kitchen ka khidkis which faced each other’s flats. The boy stood in front of his khidki with a laal gulab and a note which had I LOVE YOU scribbled in it. (My Goodness! Why am I blushing?)

Nevertheless, it pains to see how the khidki has lost it sheen and respect, in due course of time.

Since I am a person who believes in the “Charm of Crisis”, I can very well see the “Problem of Plenty” with the smartphone generation. Though I am also a smart phone user but, thanks to God that I passed my teens and very early 20s in the era of khidki and that Nokia mobile phone akka the dabba, which only received SMSes and chhupte-chhupate calls for asking me to come to that khidki, balcony or the terrace to mark my “attendance”.

I think I am sounding too cynical when I say this. But, because there was a paucity or crisis of windows, we were heavily dependent on that khidki to get the ek jhalak and thus, the Charm of Crisis.

Whereas, in the present times, what I get to know through my teenage cousins is that-starting from getting that ek jhalak to meeting to dating to proposing, they only have one device. It takes them to a virtual world where, leave apart eye contact, they do not even get the aroma of their beloveds. And hence, the regular news about breaking up on what’s app or facebook chat.

I as their elder have always abided by my responsibilty of giving them sound advises. I have told them to better be in a relationship with their cell phones only. After all, they do not need that khidki to get the ek jhalak for solace, tranquillity, happiness and excitement. There is an app for every emotion now, MoodKit, Calm or Headspace, et al.

In fact, we all touch our hand-held devices more often than we touch our spouses.

Oh Good Lord! The devices have already “occupied” our hands so much that there no space left for holding any “-thing” oopss “-body” else.

So such sound advises, you see!