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Penny-pinching couples rarely concur

27, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What a situation! If a wife spends the money on shopping it is not extravagance. If a husband sees the benefit in embarking on life insurance policy, it is wholly a matter of profligacy. This is so wives assume in their perceptive minds. How could you say of the insurance policy as a sheer wastage of money? retorted the arguing husband. His beautiful wife appeared uptight at the hubby’s decision to invest money in money-making insurance policies. That’s why he pointed how you could call me a squanderer. Upon this counter-reply, the extrovert wife tried to know of its positive end result. She continued to state when you could describe my shopping habit as the extravagant exercise, your venture in the insurance policies was also misuse of precious money. The premium amounts are equally coming into the kind of the extravagance. A fixed amount was being deposited every month while there is no visible signal of your death-knell so far. When would it be sounded for you? Only God knows of it. Therefore, the amounts directly crediting into the strategic savings schemes are definitely coming into the profligacy norm.

Discounts, cash back offers and free bids are shortest ways to lure orderly buyers. These are directly communicable slogans attracting the impulsive shoppers to the open markets or the well-furnished malls. Although compulsive wives were always warned about their inclination to the extreme level of the shopping yet the avid women did not come up to scratch from alluring offers. They used to approach the shops for purchasing varieties of items. This appeared as unnecessary spending and the husbands usually did not appreciate this arrogant leaning. Psychologically, once a woman made her mind up to go, she could not stop or step back from her keen resolve at any cost. Her buying spree did not end till the green & pink coloured currency notes did not finish abruptly. Everything appeared novel and fine so long as the puffed up purse remained full.

She thinks her purchases are a good deal of the moment but she habitually lacks the intrinsic gains to the seller. For a second she does not mind whatever has been spent by her is in no way waste of money. In such a tendency the wives start pointing out at their men’s habit of saving the money. Then the argument revolves round the generosity and the tight-fistedness. In such a contradictory kind of conversation, a husband suggested her beautiful wife to observe a balancing approach in spending the hard-earned money. Extravagance is never good at the very primary thought. Be more prudent and erudite in this regard. But the wife was not ready to admit his good suggestion in accordance with her temperament and nature. She replied what was wrong in being extravagant? Infuriated with this unpleasant answer, the irate hubby immediately questioned, have you ever thought of your over-spending? The husband made it clear that his nature was far different and he rarely wasted money in his life.