Plainly India's Kohinoor is Dilip Sa'ab

12, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The Kohinoor which once used to be in our care now adorns the British Empress Elizabeth II and the recurrent claims on this inestimable glaring stone are appearing superfluous at present. When this priceless piece of the historic value is out of our possession, we do have the privilege of owning just the same kind of the living Kohinoor in the person of a famed thespian. The yesteryear actress Saira Banu has reminded us of this precious equilateral diamond when she accompanied him in her own home’s healthy environment after his recovery from renal ailments.

Known widely by his tinsel town name Dilip Kumar, he still commands a great reverence in everyone’s breathing heart. People do not enervate in praising his inherent qualities as a man on this planet. His generous sacrifice for his big family members is immense by different aspects.  His cinema acting is unparalleled and it is he who acknowledged an offer for an international film’s role too small for his standing and stature. Almost attaining the fully grown ripened old age of 94 years he still breathes pied values of the precious life which can be followed by so many other actors. His elderly old face still brightens with sparkling glints of candid simplicity.

His years’ long film career is undeniably exceptional and wonderful. By flawlessly copying his diverse style of normal acting, the ‘Harry’ has achieved the lofty status of the Badshah as we come to know.  At first, the Kohinoor was shifted to Iran from the country. Eventually, the wily British rulers took it in their own beloved country. However, Dilip Sa’ab is definitely the real gem in the Indian sub-continent. The fresh breed of the Bollywood young actors hereby admit of pursuing his remarkable acting skills for required perfection in their amateur dramatics.