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"Playing national anthem before movies is to stop us from watching 'Adult' rated movies": Engineering student

06, Dec 2016 By natasha

Sameer Anand, a third year engineering student from Bangalore, who is also a social media conspiracy theorist, just came up with a theory about the Supreme court decision to play the national anthem before movies in cinema theaters. He believes this all is a conspiracy to stop people from watching A rated movies with graphic sex and nudity.

What is he watching?
No worries if you are alone in cinema hall and national anthem is played

Mr. Anand, being an engineering student, is quite vocal about his support for introducing graphic sex in Bollywood movies. He even admits to liking Tushar Kapoor starrer sex comedies. “They play the national anthem with images of 26/11 and our soldiers singing. After that, who can watch Kya Kool Hain Hum 3? This is a conspiracy to stop us from watching such films. This is all because of conservative Indian culture. Why can’t we be progressive like the West?”, he lamented, fighting for his right to watch the objectification of women in peace.

Statistics show that there is a lower percentage turnout for A rated films in Mumbai, where this rule has been in place since years, compared to other cities. Stats also show that there was a sharp decline in viewers for such movies right after this was implemented.

After seeing these stats, Tushar Kapoor was distraught. “Nobody even casts me in any other type of movie except for sex comedies anymore. If even that loses viewership, how will I feed myself? I can’t ask papa or didi for money again”, he said, requesting the supreme court to withdraw this decision.

On the other hand, there is a group of people opposing this decision for different reasons. One said that he doesn’t want to stand for the national anthem because he is ashamed of our politicians. It seems some people will oppose anything they are told to do. Maybe if the court says that everyone has to wash their hands before eating food, they will oppose it and purposely put their hands in muck and then eat.