PM announces Salman Samridhi Yojna for criminals

26, Jul 2016 By udit

New Delhi: Amidst celebrations and verbalism between Bhai fans and twitter brigade, PM Narendra Modi has announced Salman Samridhi Yojna (SSY) for all the criminals. The decision came after Salman was acquitted of blackbuck poaching case by Rajasthan high court on Monday. This was the second time when Salman was acquitted after he was given mercy for his previous drunk drive case.

Salman Khan and PM Modi discussing the scheme
Salman Khan and PM Modi discussing the scheme

Under this scheme, all the criminals will be acquitted by high courts of their respective states. They will also be granted a cameo in Bhai films and entry to big boss house. Along with this, every criminal will be given a certificate of honesty. Prime minister has also announced a sum of Rs. 200 crore for the scheme. The sum was decided after considering the Bhai’s love for this number. The whole package is said to be very beneficial for all the criminals.

The scheme is going to be launched as a pilot project in two cities, Mumbai and Pune.

A panel was set-up to decide the benefits of SSY. Salman, Sohail and Arbaaz were the core decision makers of this panel. When asked from Salman about how he feels about the decision, he says, “Papa told me to believe in our law. You know I was so much depressed before the hearing of this case that I decided to take a trip to Madrid. Truth always prevails (laughs inconsolably)”. He further added, “I always believed in this government. PM and I used to fly kites when we were kids. I’m so grateful to this government for announcing this scheme. SSY is going to effect 2153 criminals as of now.”

Bhai fans were on cloud nine when PM took twitter to celebrate the decision.

So happy for @BeingSalmanKhan. Talent like this should not be locked up in Jail.

-Narendra Modi @narendraModi

PM has been very aggressive with announcing the schemes this year. “You know our government always works for the people. No matter what their profession is, we want our benefits to reach every village, town and cell of the jail. We felt very bad when we were not able to do anything for Sanju Baba. By this scheme, we want to send a message to the world that everyone is safe under this government”, said a source from PMO.