Friday, 15th November, 2019

PM Modi agrees to be chief guest on Republic Day 2019 after Trump refuses

12, Nov 2018 By mahagareebaadmiparty

In a statement issued by the PM(f)O, and Rashtrapati Bhavan, it was told to Fakingnews that PM Modi has agreed to be the chief guest at Republic Day celebrations, on 26th January. This is the first time in the history of India that an incumbent Prime Minister of Indian origin is going to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade and celebrations. Sources told the faking news reporter that the invitation was delivered by Sushma Ji herself when she met PM Modi at United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters last month.Modi-donald trump 706

This quick decision was made in impulse after Prez. Trump refused to be part of the parade and celebrations for Republic day as he does not believe in the idea of a republic (TV). After the refusal, the Indian administration was in a dilemma but soon came to a conclusion that they must invite someone who has not been in the country for a long time and selected PM Modiji.

Meanwhile, the Finance ministry suggested that because of Modiji’s arrival in January, they can also ask him to be part of the budget session in 2019. Jet Lee ji along with the defence minister (Nirma La Sita Ram an) also expressed their felicity on this decision. The Indian diaspora throughout the world was excited about this decision as finally they will be able to see PM Modiji address them on live television and not in person (madison square or wembley whatever). Members of the bhaajepao were also excited and extended their support for this decision, and tweeted their joy through the medium of their most efficient taker (achi lene wala) Nilambit Patra.

The members of the opposition party were against this decision and reasoned that Modiji was also present on Independence Day 2018 and hence shall not be allowed to become the Chief Guest or attend the event, to which Bhaajepao spokesperson Mohun Bhaagmat said that a politician can be allowed in the celebrations of Republic day consecutively after Independence day of the preceding year celebration if he wears a tilak (teeka) to the venue. In response to this controversy, PM(f)O made it clear about the Tilak, turban and outfit which Modiji will wear on the parade day to make his visit eligible as per the guidelines of RSS feeds.

It is also speculated that if invited to the parade, Modiji may introduce a new cess which he has not done publicly in a long time. Kejru bro and others are worried about this PMVY cess (pradhan mantri videsh yatra) that Modiji may introduce if given a public platform to do mon-key (bath). The opposition stands united against the invitation and will soon do a protest near Biryani Blues CP Jantar Mantar.