Poet doesn't see any cause of anguish

23, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: With the popularity of the free verse programme on a television news channel, the viewers appeared to have taken interest in the parody based show. We are finding parody blaring poets reading their rhymes over socio-political subjects. Their stanzas are certainly not a literature of any kind. It is more or less instant poetic verses in order to relieve the audience behind complex political tangles. Undeniably, the poets are as respectable and impeccable as our politicians.

What Malik Mohd. Jayasi had written in the verse form has turned out to be a bone of contention in the course of the Bollywood feature film by Bhansali. Where even the history is not able to give clear evidence against the authenticity of Padmawati, the politics has prevailed ragefully. However, all the hostility has been brewing up and its release has been deferred until another date.  In such a tense atmosphere, one poet asked another lyricist, “Why you are not writing fresh poem nowadays?”

He admitted that and said he was stunned. The first poet further stated he would be much obliged if he would provide him with a full detail of the delay in his creative design. The second poet in very heavy mind answered that he was delayed because of the f difficult situation clearly. It was several times he tried to pen down but his imaginative mind failed to work in that way. At last he cleared that his source of poetic inspiration got married with a man.

Big solidly-built poet suggested him to start sad poetry. But the second poet thought how he could write sad songs if he used to pen romantic lines. “That was so”, thought the first poet. In that case what would he do? The second poet maintained that it was he who had married with the girl.