Power crisis ires consumers

10, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Despite all endeavours to bring improvements in the power supply system, the failure is never minimised. Much ado about nothing approach dominates in a practical way. The faults continue with the same intensity and the public faces the brunt regularly. Complaints are attended on the linemen’s style of working. Power cuts are a daily feature. The rainy season has worsened the situation as none knows the continuity in power supply.

If we see the complaints received by the KESCO office here, it appears that little attention is paid to service the recurrent faults in the electricity supply. The numbers of complaints were continuously increasing since summer season. As many as 17434 complaints were received in the month of April which reached 57091 in the month of May. Worse, this figure further increased to 57886 in the next month of June.

With the start of showers in the city areas, the power crisis is worsening day by day. The power failures are a common experience these days. The consumers are habitual of this situation. Their ire explodes when they directly face the drinking water problem owing to constant power failure. They feel blessed if their localities secure supply for a little longer time. The consumers are only told to pay the monthly bill on time honestly. Why is outdated apparatus not changed to ease the situation?

Strangely enough, the authorities concerned attribute adverse weather for the faults. They do not try to make proper and endurable servicing of the faults. The linemen given the task of correcting the defects are never checked on the spot of the work. They take sufficient time to correct the defects in the power supply. If the summer days increase the power consumption, the rainy days raise faults but the sub-station officials concerned bother least for minimising adverse undesirable situation.in the light of proper monitoring of the grievances.