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"Preparing for Onsite" – Bengaluru techie caught stealing toilet roll from office

16, Jul 2019 By aashcharya janak

Rehaan Agarwal, a backend developer in a big IT Services firm in Bengaluru, was caught red-handed Friday evening stealing Toilet Roll from the Gents Toilet in his office. CCTV footage clearly shows a man trying to shove extra toilet paper in his pants, and then into all three of his pockets. What’s surprising is that it was not the security team, but an HR employee who caught the robbery happening live on the CCTV footage. An official statement from the company’s HR department read “This serves as a tight slap to those undermining the HR team’s contribution towards the company’s success. This office is standing, this company is functioning because an HR employee is sacrificing his life sitting here in the office DOING THEIR WORK, while some of you have already hit the bed. While this may be news for you, it is just another day at work for us. Remember, H-R makes 50% of the word HERO.”

Notice against the techie!
Notice against the techie!

Our correspondent spoke with the CEO of the company, and we have exclusive comments from her – “As part of the cost-cutting initiatives, we had let the security staff go and had asked the HR team to keep an eye. They anyway needed a break from their busy schedules. Taking advantage of the “no privacy with the company” clause in the offer letter, they smartly installed CCTV cameras in the bathrooms too. This move was a masterstroke, as you can see. We will need to be more careful the next time onwards. We are already thinking of a toilet roll vending machine in the bathroom. The software for the same is already in the UAT phase. As you can see, we have turned this ghastly incident into a successful innovation. I’m sure this machine will be widely adopted throughout India and the world. Especially with the PayTM integration. Taking a dump was never so easy. Giving back to the world is all that our company does.”

The 28 years old accused, Rehaan, said in his defence: “I don’t think I have done anything wrong. I just didn’t know that we had to obtain manager approval for this also. I just got my H1 visa approved, and am supposed to travel to the US early next month. My colleagues, who are already there at the client office, warned me that there are no water jets inside the bathroom and you have to use toilet paper. It gets awkward at the client office when Indians take a cup into the bathroom stalls.”

He further adds “I was just being proactive by taking some roll home to practice peacefully. Here I’m trying to save the company embarrassment at the client office, and the HR is trying to frame me as a thief. Can’t believe I’m being accused of wishing well for the company. I’ve given the prime of my life to the company, ignoring even marriage till now. The project has so much dependency on me. If I don’t work, the client will take no time to break the contract and move on to another vendor. Am I not entitled to even one toilet roll for giving so much to the project?”

The HR, in their reply, has said that Rehaan is just playing the victim card. “He must know that no project is dependent on any one resource and everybody, even the CEO, is replaceable. “