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Principal's preference, professor's problem

22, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Will it not truly look odd if a chain smoker endorses for non-smoking? It is an observable reality that the use of tobacco in any form affects harm upon its users. There was recently occurred a bizarre thing which was unacceptable to one and all.  A renowned educational institution’s principal offered the charge of coordinator, anti-tobacco cell to a senior lecturer who himself was in habit of the tobacco use. It was owing to this very reason the offer was honestly rejected by the college experienced professor.

When the conscientious professor received the principal’s letter after its delivery of one-and-a-half month, he was taken aback incalculably. He started thinking about his puzzling condition. He might have imagined of the mythological character Abhimanyu’s strategy to come out of the strange circumstances.  However, consciousness was not allowing him to readily accept the offer of Coordinator ship of the anti-tobacco cell. When he was addicted to using the tobacco, his advice had no worth. Was it correct to lecture for the negation of the harmful stuff that was under his constant use?

In his witty well-styled piece of reply, he apprised the principal of their irresistible liking for the tobacco. He reminded him how both of them used to consume the injurious thing together. Therefore so long as this bad habit was not discarded at least by him, very acceptance of the suggestion seemed a big scorn. As a result, he maintained that it was not within his capabilities to completely abide by the proposal. The principal’s choice in his favour could be a nice, ideal decision but it in some way possessed a few flaws and even not built up narrowness. The kind offer might have included a particular spot of sensibility but being a normal human being his immediate consent was not too trouble-free.